TOP 3 Reasons Why Advisors Should Be Using ClickFunnels

TOP 3 Reasons Why Advisors Should Be Using ClickFunnels

  • Posted by: Nahum Galdamez

We’ve all been a part of a sales funnel. Whether at a shoe store, restaurant, or a grocery store, there was a moment where you found out the place existed – this is where the funnel starts, followed by multiple attempts to grab your attention to get you to drive yourself to the location,  and ends at the cash register at the checkout aisle.

Internet sales have led to the creation of highly sophisticated digital sales funnels designed to guide you from the process of awareness to the point of purchase. This usually require websites and pages put together by teams of developers, designers, analysts and engineers whose sole job is to create a seamless customer experience that leads you to a purchase with as little friction and distraction as possible.

Fortunately there are platforms that have built upon years of research, data, trials, and errors to create plug and play funnel solutions for a wide range of industries.  In the world of financial planning, we have yet to find a solution that is more versatile and simple to implement as ClickFunnels.

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An important part of the online lead generation process lies in HOW a service is sold. You may not be able to make a pitch to more than a room full of people, but with a ClickFunnels landing page, the key selling points of your service can be displayed to an unlimited amount of prospects virtually at the same time. Like a website, but without the distraction of multiple pages, ads, links, and more importantly, without the development costs of a web team. ClickFunnels offers automation and scalability without the layers of complication that a team of writers and designer could bring.

Years of testing and data gathering have shown that the simpler a landing page looks, the better. The built-in templates for these pages are based on tried and true layouts that have provided thousands of dollars in conversion value in the past. More importantly, the back-end control panels give you sophisticated marketing insights to the actions being taken on your landing page, and what improvements you can make to improve the rate of conversions.



We mentioned that a landing page is like giving a pitch to an unlimited amount of people. A sensible objection would be that it doesn’t compare to an actual physical presentation. Well that’s where the ClickFunnels advantage comes into play with their automated webinar funnels where you can record yourself, your voice, and a visual presentation to explain your services to prospects using the very same personality and charisma you would use in a face to face meeting. More importantly, they are programed in such a way that prospects can sign up for the presentation at a time that is most convenient to him/her.



The “main event” in this entire sequence is in the conversion. With E-commerce sites, the conversion would be a cash purchase transaction. In our service industry, this happens when the prospect enters his/her contact information to request a consultation.

Whether you use a webinar funnel or a traditional page-based sequence, the ClickFunnels Email capture templates are optimized with years of user data that decides what layouts, colors, and page copy carry a higher rate of conversion. You can also create a portal system that ties into your regular website so users provide their information in exchange for access to the portal with white papers, documents, training videos, and more.

With the ability to create, manage, monitor, test and measure multiple funnels via the ClickFunnel backend, we believe this platform is a must have for any business or entrepreneur using the web as a means of reaching new clients.

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