5 reasons why you need to install a facebook pixel yesterday...

5 reasons why you need to install a facebook pixel yesterday…

  • Posted by: Nahum Galdamez


Like planting a tree, they say that the best time to put your Facebook pixel to work for your business is a few years ago. And although you might not be able to go back in time, the next best thing is to install your pixel today.

Once you do, it will become the glue that holds your entire marketing strategy together.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your advisory practice or agency needs to get this up and running as soon as you can:

1. Break beyond the limits of your immediate social media following (Custom Audiences)

You already grasp the importance of being present where your customers are. Either on web, Facebook, Linkedin, or Email, you understand why you need engaging content, value driven posts, with the occasional call to action. Once you have a good following on these platforms they become high quality leads at the top of your funnel.

But the limitation of this setup is that your outreach is limited to people who already follow you on social media – and despite the quality of your content, many of your customers may not follow your platform for multiple reasons: They may not be social media savvy or just aren’t following businesses on social platforms. And if they don’t follow you, they’re not seeing you as the go-to expert.

That is where the Facebook Pixel comes along. The pixel is tool that’s part of the Facebook Business Advertising platform. It is literally a code containing an image pixel that gets plugged into the header code of your website.

The pixel is a browser cookie that adds anyone who visits your website into a list. A list that you own and can then segment based on specific actions and behaviors. Visited website, visited a certain page of your website, clicked through and filled out a form, etc.

No matter if they follow you on social media or not, once their browser has viewed your website, they become part of this list. You can combine this list with your own list of customer emails to create a “super list” containing everyone who interacts with your online presence. Once you have this in place, then everyone on that list with a Facebook or Instagram account is subject to seeing your targeted ads.

2. Make Facebook’s platform create new and bigger market segments  to target (lookalike audiences)

Now if you think number 1 was cool, you are going to like this one even more. While your Custom Audiences consist of everyone who interacts with any of your business channels, the Lookalike Audience uses the custom audience list to create a bigger nationwide audience that closely matches your existing customer base.

With Lookalike Audiences, Facebook takes all the user profiles, emails, and customers  in your list and uses its proprietary algorithm to create a nationwide list of people who closely resemble the interest and buying power of the people already in your funnel.

For example, lets scale it down to a list of 100 customers. Of these 100 customers who are valued clients, there are many attributes, likes, interests, and shopping habits that they have in common.

These 100 customers are local to your area, but now that you want to target at a greater scale (city wide, state wide, nationwide, etc), Facebook’s lookalike audience consists of users throughout the country that resemble the interests and habits of your original 100. You now have a list of a million plus users throughout the nation that are highly likely to engage and convert into your business. While this feature can be accessed without the pixel, the odds of having better quality lookalikes increases when you include the profiles of the browser users captured by the pixel.

3. See your ROI in real time (Conversion Tracking)

Another useful feature of the pixel is the ability to view your ad performance in real time. When you launch Facebook campaigns, you will include your pixel number in all your ad sets. When a user clicks on one of your ads to go to your website, this information is carried over to the pixel in your website which tracks any action that the user takes while on your site.

You program the pixel to track the dollar amount of each converted transaction as well as any other desired actions like signing up for a newsletter, or clicking on a certain link. You’ll be be able to see how effective your ads actually are. With conversion tracking set up, you can now see the returns being produced by your ad spend through Facebook’s Business Manager and at the end of your campaign, you will see exactly how much revenue was generated and how much ad money was spent.

4. Remarket like the pros

The power of Facebook lies in the other platforms that they own – Instagram, FaceBook, Whatsapp, and their extended audience network (web based ad serving). With Facebook remarketing, you can create programmed sequences tailored to your users based on specific behavior. As we mentioned in #1, these behavior lists are sub-lists based on specific actions they’ve taken on your site.

So if someone fills out a contact form or requests a free quote but carries on with their day without taking further action, you can now create a highly specific set of ads that target everyone on your list who did the same. It is extremely common for people who’ve “left your site” for numerous reasons to end up coming back and completing their actions after the 2nd or 3rd time they run into your ad. With Pixel Remarketing, it’s like having an assistant whose sole job is closing clients who are on the brink of requesting information. You’ve probably already seen those annoying ads that show you products you were browsing on another device that same week. Annoying as they may be, they work, and the pixel allows you to do the same.

5. Makes the Facebook ad platform work FOR you (Conversion Optimization)

Once all these items are in place, you get another advantage over your competition in that Facebook begins creating its own lists based on users who are already converting on your site, or engaging. This means that as your campaigns age, they will get even more effective thanks to Facebook’s ability to better match its target based on those who are converting with the goal of increasing your ROI.  (Think of it as Facebook creating its own smarter Lookalike Audience based on the people who are responding the best to your ads).

More importantly, you will now be able to get a full picture of your content’s performance throughout your entire social marketing funnel which you can then optimize yourself based on market and customer insights that only you might have access to through your experience.

Like planting a tree, it will take time, care, and diligence, but soon enough, you’ll be glad you started today.

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