3 Things To Do To Jumpstart Your Marketing This Thanksgiving

3 Things To Do To Jumpstart Your Marketing This Thanksgiving

  • Posted by: Dawson Russell

Halloween is past us and just like that the holiday floodgates have opened up.

Soon to be bombarded with holiday plans, squeezing in work, travel and family functions.

There are three things you can do before this Thanksgiving to set yourself apart from your competition and jumpstart your marketing so you can have more time to enjoy the holidays.


1. Send out Thanksgiving cards to your clients, referrals and leads

“Who sends out Thanksgiving cards?” You do! While holiday cards start to roll in mid December, you’ll have beaten the mass mailings with a thoughtful Thanksgiving card that reminds your clients you are grateful for their business and thinking of them. If December is a difficult month for getting clients in the door, start some momentum this month that can carry through the rest of the year. A simple Thanksgiving card with your logo and contact information will differentiate you.

2. Follow up

You’re ahead of the curve. You’ve sent Thanksgiving cards to clients and referrals and now what? Schedule blocks of time on your calendar after mailing out the cards to call and follow up with people. Even a simple voicemail saying you hope they had a nice holiday will go a long way. Create a script, schedule an hour a day and have a goal of setting a number of appointments or lunch meets. If you’re overwhelmed, hand off a script to your receptionist to help make follow up calls and schedule appointments. You’ll go into December with a calendar quickly filling up and your clients and referrals will appreciate your outreach.

3. Consider Scheduling an Event

This time of the year is the perfect time to plan an event, but before you do set clear goals you want to achieve. Be purposeful and strategic. Ask invitees to bring a friend that could use your services. Set up a photo booth with fun props and post the photos on social media or email attendees their photos thanking them for coming. More follow up creates more opportunities for you.

This month is a great time to get a head start on your holiday marketing and create momentum for your business.

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